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  • Where To Find Coleman Stove Parts

    Dependability, durability and easy availability of Coleman stove parts have made Coleman camp stoves one of most favored choice among campers across the world. So, if you love camping, or going out on long hikes, you may consider buying this camp stove.

    Coleman stove parts are inexpensive, easily available and can be installed with ease, irrespective of the model i.e. whether it’s a vintage model or a contemporary one. So, if you have had trouble finding replacement parts for your camping stove, it’s time to bring home a Coleman camp stove. In case you already own one and need some replacement parts, the following are details of two places where you can find Coleman stove parts to suit your needs.

    1. Coleman

    The best option to get Coleman stove parts for newer and older models alike is the manufacturer itself. You’ll find a wide range of Coleman stove parts online at Coleman’s website. Coleman has its outlets in many states. However, you may not be able to find the broad selection of parts there, which you can view online.

    A. Shipping

    Purchase price is the main basis of calculating handling and shipping charges. Your selected delivery speed choice will also have an impact on the shipping charges applicable.

    B. Returns

    In case you’ve bought the wrong stove part, it’ll be a bit challenging to get refunds or exchange the part with a correct one. According to Coleman returns program, except for products under warranty, they don’t allow refunds, exchanges or returns. So, while placing your order for Coleman stove parts through Coleman’s website, double check that the part you order is the right one to meet your requirement.

    C. Contact

    You can get in touch with Coleman either via online chat during general business hours or via email. You can also contact their representatives by calling their customer care number.


    Amazon is associated with a huge portion of product sales online and that includes Coleman stove parts as well. Though a majority of the parts available on this website are manufactured by Coleman itself, you should, nevertheless, go through the product description carefully to ensure that your desired product is genuine and matches the accompanying product image. Also check whether you’re buying from Amazon directly or any outside third party. As this website is pretty user-friendly, checking all these to ensure value for money shouldn’t be a problem.

    A. Shipping

    Amazon is probably the biggest online marketplace where buyers can get amazing shipping deals, depending upon the volume of purchase. Based on the total billing amount and the Coleman stove parts you have purchased, you could even be eligible for free shipping.

    B. Returns

    Returns can be complex, if you’ve purchased your Coleman stove parts from an Amazon partner instead of Amazon itself. In that case, you’ll have to send your parts back to that particular seller and shipping charges may add up quickly.

    C. Contact

    Contacting Amazon can be a difficult proposition as the website has numerous product lines and you’ll have to choose the right section to get your grievance/problem addressed. The options of communication are online chat, email and phone. The first two modes of communication are time-consuming and in case you wish to talk to an Amazon representative, you’ve to leave your contact number on the website and wait till they call you back.

    In case you are out in the wilderness and need Coleman stove parts to get some repairs done to your stove immediately, you can visit some outdoor or full-service hardware stores situated in the vicinity of your camping destination.