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  • Pros And Cons Of The Best Camping Chair

    Camping chairs are not only meant for camping. Rather, they can also be used for sitting while barbecuing, watching games, tailgating or for lazying on the beach. They should ideally be portable, comfortable and versatile. In order to find the best camping chair, you must be aware of the pros and cons of these chairs as mentioned below.

    1. Pros

    A. Stable and comfortable

    Traditional camping chairs are stable, comfortable and come with additional features like coolers, cup holders etc. Compact looking portable camping chairs are smaller and lightweight and thus more easily transportable. Portable models are ideal for those who want a portable seat and don’t need other features and accessories.

    Most camping chairs come equipped with lumbar support, armrests, back ventilation, headrest and an overall comfortable design. Some camping chairs even use mesh fabric at the seat and back in order to provide good ventilation when you sit on them for a prolonged period under the sun.

    B. Portability

    Portability is one of the major advantages of camping chairs. Most chairs are easily portable, though the extent depends on factors like weight, packed size and carry bag’s ease of use. It’s worth mentioning here that conveniently designed portable models are more sought after than traditional models when it comes to portability.

    C. Durability

    Almost every camping chair is made to last for a long period of time. Some models can carry a weight of up to 800 pounds without any creak or shift. Made of sturdy frame and high quality mesh or denier fabric, these chairs last significantly long and can even sustain a number of ember burns.

    D. Ease of assembly

    Camping chairs are widely acclaimed for their ease of assembly. Due to a comparatively easier set-up, traditional models stay a little ahead of their portable counterparts. You just have to pull apart the traditional chairs at opposite ends to set them up. On the other hand, portable camping chairs come with separate fabric seat and frame that have to be assembled.

    E. Additional features

    Camping chairs these days come equipped with several additional features to give the users value for money. From cup holder and storage pouches, to footrests, headrests, bottle openers and arm coolers, you will find many additional featues in camping chairs, all of which are focussed on giving you a comfortable experience.

    2. Cons

    A. Less stable

    The primary disadvantage of camping chairs is lack of stability. Due to their lighter weight, they are much less stable than other chairs. At time, such instability may cause injuries. They may even give rise to poor postures, which in turn trigger back aches and other problems of the spine.

    B. Low armrests

    Armrests of some portable camping chairs are significantly low, which are designed just to be used for the purpose of sunbathing. Thus, they cause difficulties while eating, reading or drinking as there is hardly a place where you can rest your elbows.

    C. Less durable

    Though most camping chairs are durable, a few models creak while carrying a single person’s load. Frames of some others may even get cracked when kept under full load. Some portable models have ground clearance of only a couple of inches, which make them an unsafe place for storing keys, phones etc.
    Now that you’re aware of the pros and cons of the best camping chair, go get one and make the most out of your camping trip.