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  • Living Windy? Try These Patio Umbrellas On For Size

    Picking out the right patio umbrella seems like a very easy ordeal. You find something that adequately blocks out the sun, take it home, set it up and things are dandy for weeks or months to come. Then, while you’re in the back yard having a drink one fine Saturday afternoon, a gust of wind comes out of nowhere and spills your precious mohitos everywhere. Even worse, you wake up after a stormy night which you had slept through in its entirety, then go outside to find your patio chairs scattered about and your umbrella gone. While finding the best patio umbrella seems easy, picking out the best patio umbrella for windy area patios is not. With that said, let’s look at a couple umbrellas great for those living in tornado ally or similarly windy areas.

    TropiShade 9-Foot Bronze Aluminum Poly Market Umbrella

    At first glance, this umbrella doesn’t seem like a whole lot. An umbrella which stands upright with very little (though a little) tilt, it’s certainly a lot more practical than it is fancy. For those living in windy areas; however, practicality is the name of the game when it comes to patio umbrellas.

    What sets this particular unit apart from many others in this regard is its base. It may not be as wide-spread as some of the tri-pod patio umbrellas many of us have become accustomed to, though it certainly proves to be rather heavy when stacked up to said tri-pods.

    As a final added bonus, you’ll find this particular unit to be more versatile than most in terms of where you can place it. You’ll be able to stick it through your table or fit it among even more heavy objects, further increasing its protection against strong gusts of wind. The above characteristics will go a long way to holding onto your umbrella after forgetting to bring it inside before a storm.

    Abba Patio

    Of all patio umbrellas, the Abba Patio has to have one of the lowest centers of gravity available. While it isn’t the only product in its category to feature the use of metal in its design, it uses much, much more metal than the typical umbrella. For this reason, the lower portions of the umbrella are much too heavy for wind to affect its stature without tearing the fabric portion off entirely (something unheard of anyways).

    Also, the sides of the fabric portion reach down quite a bit. While most umbrellas do this to some degree or another, this umbrella achieves this to a much greater degree. Because of this, wind of any strength has a much harder time of actually getting under the umbrella, which is desirable for obvious reasons.

    Both of the above umbrellas are equally impressive at resisting wind. Whichever one works best for you is entirely based on user preference. Enjoy your next windy day!

  • This Might Be The Best Giant Folding Chair

    If you have been searching for the ideal solution for your relaxation needs, then the On The Edge 810170 Kingpin Giant Folding Chair might just be a fantastic solution for your needs. This particular type of chair comes with a host of exceptional functionalities not only for comfort where you need it the most but also for ease of setup and storage as well. Further lending to the chairs exemplary functionalities is that it is designed to fit more than one person making it ideal for couples or close friends who want to share intimate moments together. The canvas fabric design also adds some aesthetical appeal for any position that you place the chair. These types of chairs are ideal for camping and outdoor experiences due to the easy to use design.


    Has a steel frame and canvas along with heavy duty support brace

    The chair comes with a robust steel frame and canvas fabric that provide heavy-duty support to the brace. To be specific, the steel frame provides optimal impact and scratch resistance along with longevity in use. The inclusion of the canvas fabric comes with a heavy-duty support brace that holds your body comfortably in position. Moreover, the canvas has an appealing design that makes it an ideal addition to your home or perhaps the living area.

    Includes 6 cup holders, removable cooler and non-skid foot pads

    Users will appreciate the fact that this travelling chair comes with up to 6 cup holders that are exceptional for your favorite drinks and beverages. More so, the carry travel case makes it easy to store and move your giant folding to where you need it the most. Furthermore, the inclusion of the UV/water resistant fabric provides the ultimate durability for longevity in use. In this particular case, you can wash the chair multiple times without compromising the overall fabric quality.

    Holds up to 400 pounds with reinforced legs

    The chair also comes with reinforced legs that hold can easily support most body weight. In fact, the chair cannot only carry 400 pounds of body weight, but it also fits more than one person comfortably, making it an ideal choice for those who want to share intimate moments together. This camping chair comes with a unique reclining design such that you can users can use it for extended periods without discomfort or pain.


    • Open dimensions: 61 inch x 38 inch x 66.6 inch
    • dimensions: 9 inch x 10 inch x 66.4 inch


    Finally, when taken together, this Edge 810170 Kingpin Giant Folding Chair is an ideal investment for your unique needs. The typical giant camping chair should support more than one person and a significant amount of weight. You can take it along to anywhere you need it the most and the overall design is also robust enough to support up to two people.

  • What You Get When Your Purchase Timber Ridge Camping Chairs

    Camping is a great way to soak in the outdoors, as long as you have the right accessories. If this is your first time camping, it is crucial that you find out which products you will need in the wilderness. And this is especially true when it comes to camping chairs. Luckily, Timber ridge offers an excellent line of outdoor seating. Let’s take a brief moment to discuss some of the best characteristics found in the Timber Ridge camping chairs.


    The best camping chairs take even the smallest conveniences into consideration. With Timber Ridge camping chairs, you get a few amenities. It offers a carrying bag so that transport from your car to the campsite is extremely easy. This means that you’ll easy be able to carry your bulky tent, drink and food without being weighed down. This also allows for extra space in your vehicle.

    This chair also offers a cup holder. This is especially helpful if you choose a style that is high off the ground.

    There is no need to worry about spills or your beverage being contaminated with dirt or insects. You may even consider using this compartment to store your bug spray, sunscreen or magazines.

    Sturdy Construction

    Timber Ridge camping chairs is made of heavy-duty fabric. Some chairs fray and disintegrate over the course of time. However, this chair is constructed with an extra sturdy steel frame with a powder coating and foam padded backing and seating. Also, it is not too narrow and is suitable to most people’s body weight.There is more than enough room at the back of this camping chair, in order to ensure that you do not end up hanging off the front or side. In fact, its loading capacity extends up to 400 lbs.


    Many manufacturers only offer replacements or refunds and replacements for the first month after purchase – and even then, this time period can be eaten into by the time that it takes for your product to be shipped to you. That’s why its best to look for companies who offer some form of “insurance”. Timber Ridge camping chairs are under warranty, which means they give you an opportunity to road test the product. This ensures that your money does not go to waste.

    Overall, these are just a few of the main features that make this particular chair model the idea choice for your camping and outdoor needs. It is ideal for simply lounging around the campfire and carrying it from place to place. This chair comes in several different models, including stools if you are more interested in the bare necessities for activities that do not require long periods of rest. And their camouflage patterns ensure that you remain inconspicuous while out in the wild. Ultimately the style you choose will depend on your specific needs and the activities you plan to participate in.This chair is relatively inexpensive and is perfect for anyone who is looking for a quality build.