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  • Crest Whitening Strips: Amaze With Your Smile

    “Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.” (Mallory hopkins)

    A beautiful smile is important in today’s world. It shows that you take care of yourself, value yourself and also aren’t afraid to show your enthusiasm or happiness. Knowing that what’s the best way to keep your pearlies white?

    Many count on the effectiveness of the best Crest Whitening Strips to use to keep their teeth both healthy looking and vibrantly white. But exactly how does the teeth whitening process work and which product is best for you? Here’s some info regarding just that.

    Smile Bright

    Tooth whitening is a process which removes or bleaches the stains your teeth suffer through daily use. Most teeth, even if brushed daily, will begin to take on a yellow tint due to build up of tartar from food consumption. Whitening strips are tools developed by Crest in 2001 which allow you to quickly and easily brighten your smile without scrub-scrub-scrubbing of the dentist’s tools.

    The way it works is you place a disposable strip around or over your teeth. This strip has agents that begin to remove the effects of teeth discoloration – sometimes within minutes. These strips can be used with little to no side effects, in some instances minor gum irritation and white spots on the teeth for hours after use. It is also advised not to get the product on your clothes or skin, as the active hydrogen peroxide elements can sometimes discolor or stain. The key ingredient in this process is largely hydrogen peroxide, which can be found in varying concentrations depending on which product option you choose so that begs to answer the question – which Crest product is right for you?

    Smile Often

    Crest offers several products , each with a specific purpose in mind and should be used according. First consider your needs. Do you need your teeth to be sparkling or could you perhaps just benefit from a light whitening?

    For maximum strength (and guaranteed results) Crest 3D Whitening strips are the way to go. This product is well worth the 50-60 dollars it costs as it delivers on it’s promise to easily removed up to 14 years of teeth discoloration in a few treatments – in some instances the first treatment. The 3d strips come in two versions : Luxe which is the most powerful teeth whitening treatment Crest offers, and Glamorous White, slightly less effective but still very powerful in its own right.

    The duration of one hour for such quick and long term results is very attractive to anyone considering freshening their smiles a bit. In addition to quick whitening, the strips also offer long term results. Most users of the strips have reported a whiter smile for months and in a few cases a year or more after their use of whitening strips.

    But perhaps spending this amount isn’t right up your financial alley at the moment. Not to worry, Crest also offers a less effective and less expensive alternative in the form of Crest Noticeably White Strips. These strips function much like the 3D strips with only a fraction of their power while offering some of the same great results. Any way you slice it, the secret to having a great smile can be a whitening strip or two a day to keep the yellow stains away.