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  • Portable Water Purification System for Clean and Convenient Water

    Drinking clean and safe water is not only good for your body functions, but it also helps prevent the likelihood that you will contract any health complications that can result from consuming dirty water. However, acquiring clean water for your needs especially in remote situations such as during camping or picnicking can be a daunting situation. For this reason, equipping yourself with one of the best Portable Water Purification Systems will ensure that you have safe and sufficient water when you need it the most. These types of water treatment systems are compact sized units that are prevalent amongst military troops, outdoor enthusiast and survivalists and many others. If you have been searching for the ideal portable water purification systems, here are some worth considering:

    SteriPen Classic UV Water Purifier

    Improve the quality if your water with the Steripen Classic 3 UV Water Purifier that comes with a unique battery powered Ultraviolet water purifier that purifies as much as 160 liters of water with a pair of AA Batteries. This Steripen unit can is also efficient and effective since it can purify 1litre of water in under two minutes. It also comes with a simple design that is easy to operate and can auto-activate when inserted into water. Additionally, this portable water purification system comes with a tapered end design that can fit various water sources such as water bottles, pipes, and drinking cups.

    SteriPEN Adventurer Opti Personal, Handheld UV Water Purifier

    Enjoy peace of mind that you are safe from water borne complications with the Steripen Adventurer Opti that is compact handheld ideal for outdoor use. The superior Opti design can destroy 99.9% of harmful microbial some of them including bacteria, viruses along with protozoa. One might also appreciate the additional water sensor that can be used as an LED flashlight and the two disposable CR123 batteries. With its safe and efficient filtering method, this unit can purify your water without affecting the taste or the overall PH.

    IDEAPRO Camping Personal Water Filter Purifier

    This Idea Pro Camping Water Filter comes with a hollow fiber UF membrane as well as an antibacterial carbon filter that dissipates microorganisms, heavy metals, chemicals and organic compounds. It also comes with double layered filtration system comprises of a portable straw that has the capability to filter as much as 1400litres of water. The additional pre-filter is included for water types that are extremely dirty and filled with contaminants. This Idea Pro comes with a dynamic design that makes it easy to store and dynamic enough for the various water sources as taps and water bottles.

    All things considered, the best Portable Water Purification Systems have made it for possible for people to enjoy clean water even in the remotest of areas. These units are simple to use and usually come with additional functionalities meant to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of use. Any outdoor enthusiasts will have to have one of these units for their outdoor regime.