Month August

  • Protect Your Children From The Sun At The Beach

    Being a parent now myself I can put a significant value on the dangers of the sun. When I was a child and later a teenager myself sun exposure was not considered as dangerous as it is today. It was as a teenager that I had an experience that really changed the way I thought about the sun and it is important for all parents to take the dangers of the sun into consideration when their children are young and teach them how to be careful. We were on the beach in Hawaii and we didn’t have any of those children’s beach chair with umbrella like you can find nowadays.

    All of the lounge chairs with covers were taken and being teenagers we were only worried about having fun and boys. Well, I had someone put lotion on my back and it was a low SPF. Never thought anything of it till I was getting ready for bed and the nightgown was quite painful to put on. Interestingly enough I ended up with a horrible sunburn with huge blisters. In fact, it was so bad that I spent the last week of out vacation inside after seeing a doctor and having them lanced. It was one of the most painful experience I had ever had.

    My parents felt horrible especially because they didn’t check to make sure I was taking care of myself correctly. They said that they would have bought one of those children’s beach chair with umbrella if they had known that they existed. As far as they knew they were just recently invented and now you can find them online at a place like Amazon. People have so much more information about sun exposure these days which is wonderful. I always worry that someday I could end up with cancer from that bad burn, hopefully not.

    When it comes to my own children and I give this advice to every parent out there, I put the SPF 50 suntan lotion on and reapply it frequently. In addition, I have purchased each of my kids a children’s beach chair with umbrella and I make sure we only spend a certain amount of time outdoors without taking a break. One of the interesting parts is that people often assume because it is cloudy out that they can away without wearing lotion. Strangely enough that it one of the most dangerous times to be in the sun. Perhaps, it is because people forget to put lotion on because it is not all too hot.

    I have a few nieces and nephews, and that is the one Christmas gift I have purchased for each of them a children’s beach chair with umbrella. It works out well since the family always rents a beach house over Christmas breaks down in Florida. You can never be too careful with the sun and I preach that to everyone because life is just too precious not to protect the ones you love.