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  • Artificial Christmas Tree Reviews: New Trends

    This Christmas season, manufacturers have many new ideas to offer consumers who want something a little different from the traditional tree that stands in the corner. You are no longer limited to a big tree that takes up a lot of space in your room. Aside from size, designers are becoming innovative and taking traditional ideas into new areas that offer many decorating ideas. These artificial Christmas tree reviews might spark some new ideas in your holiday decorating this season.

    Vintage is back and the aluminum Christmas tree has made a reappearance in many living rooms that want a sense of nostalgia. The aluminum Christmas tree was popular from 1958 through the mid-1960s. In 1965, the television special a Charlie Brown Christmas used the aluminum tree as the symbol of commercialism. Now, aluminum Christmas trees have made a comeback, and often at high prices. If you have a vintage one, consider it a valuable collectible. Artificial Christmas tree reviews also found that many vintage Christmas ornaments are now being reproduced that go beautifully with a vintage tree. While you are at it, you might as well add a color wheel for an authentic effect. This fun trend will make you want to play all of the old classics like Bing Crosby, the Rat Pack, and all of your other favorite holiday classics.

    The tradition of the upside down Christmas tree dates back to the seventh century, but has recently made a comeback. It is an Eastern European tradition that has several different meanings and interpretations. Manufacturers are now producing trees that can be hung from the ceiling, or that sit upside down in a specially designed stand. Artificial Christmas tree reviews caution consumers who want to take advantage of this trend to make certain that their ceiling can actually hold the weight of the Christmas tree and all of its ornaments. If you decide to take advantage of this trend, your Christmas tree will certainly be a conversation starter.

    Artificial Christmas tree reviews found many new options for those that only have limited space. For instance, some manufacturers have strayed away from the traditional wide based Christmas tree that takes up a lot of space. They have pencil thin Christmas trees, halfback Christmas trees that sit flat against the wall, and even trees that tuck neatly into corners. There are also a number of tabletop Christmas trees that will be sure to be the center of attention. With so many choices, it is easy to find a Christmas tree that will fit in your space without the overburden of a big tree.

    When choosing a Christmas tree, these popular trends add a little extra fun to the holiday season. You are no longer limited in your design choices. The tree is the center piece of the holiday decorating festivities, but the most important thing is to remember that it is not all about the tree. The most important thing about the holidays is that you can spend it with friends and family that you love.