Signs and Symptoms of Smartphone Addiction

  • The growth of technology has brought with it both positive and negative effects to the daily lives of humanity. Today, people use smartphones for various purposes including doing their work online, using it as a source of entertainment and for education purposes among others. However, the use of these gadgets is growing so fast that some people have become smartphone addicts. If you are wondering whether you are one of them, we provide you with some signs and symptoms that will help you find a solution.

    What are the signs and symptoms of a smartphone addict?

    If you exhibit one or more of these signs and symptoms, you are definitely a smartphone addict:

    A need to use your smartphone more

    We agree that smartphones can be very essential in our daily lives. However, it does not mean that they are a basic need without which you may not be alive. If you find yourself in a position where you have to use your phone more often to achieve the same desired effect then you are a smartphone addict.

    Inability to minimize your smartphone usage

    If you notice that you are trying to use your smartphone less often but you cannot, you are in line to being a smartphone addict. The need to use your smartphone might be so high that you can forfeit doing other important tasks in your daily life.

    You turn to your smartphone when low

    In the event that you turn to your smartphone when you have low feelings like depression or anxiety, you are amongst the smartphone addicts that we are talking about. Normally, when you experience such feelings, the best thing to do is to seek guidance from a professional like a therapist. Turning to your smartphone when you have low feelings means that you trust it a lot. You therefore “cannot do without it”.

    Has your smartphone put your job at risk?

    If your boss is complaining constantly about your smartphone usage or probably you have lost a job because of that, you are in the smartphone addicts’ bandwagon. In some cases, you might use your gadget excessively thereby putting your relationships or marriage at risk. According to studies, about 2% of relationships end because of inability of the partners to control their smartphone usage.

    You suffer a lot when not using your phone

    Another way to know that you are a smartphone addict is by observing your behavior when not in a position where you can use your gadget. For example, if the network is unreachable in your phone, you will experience emotions such as anger, tension, depression, restlessness and irritability if you are a smartphone addict.

    Addiction to smartphone is a growing concern amongst the youth specifically. Unfortunately, like drugs, smartphone addicts do not realize that they are addicts until they are addicted fully. You know you are an addict if you cannot stay for a while without using your gadget, you become agitated, restless or irritated if your network is unreachable and you have lost your job because of overusing your smartphone amongst others.