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  • Types of Workout Clothes for Men

    Choosing the right kind of workout clothes for men can make you enjoy your workouts to the optimum, while feeling comfortable. This is because the right clothes will let you have the maximum comfort in terms of movements and flexibility. At the same time, they would also make you sport a modern and stylish look too!

    Types of Workout Clothes for Men

    Matt Taylor – the CEO and cofounder of ‘Track-smith’, the athletic line says, ‘Gym is more social now. It’s time for guys to catch up with women who have raised their style game’. Hence, be smart enough to update your wardrobe and wear appropriate clothes for your workout. Though it looks there are not many choices in workout clothes for men, it’s not really true. If you do your homework well and invest some time to find the right attire, you will be spoilt for choices. Here are some options from which you can take your pick:

    Compression Clothes

    As the name suggests, these clothes cling to your body, compressing various parts of it. For men, it is usually compression undergarments or shorts that minimize chafing and offer the required support and shape for cosmetic shaping of your body. Other compression workout clothes for men include half-tights (popular among cyclists), compression pants etc.

    Gym Robes

    These are different from the regular robes for men, which cover you from shoulder to knees. Gym robes extend till your waist. They have little pockets to store tiny essentials. Typically, you must buy gym robes that are a minimum of 1 ½ times longer in measurement than your waistline. This would prevent unwanted exposure during workouts.

    Sweatshirts and Hoodies

    These are ideal workout clothes for men who wish to have their muscles warm during the workouts. You can choose to wear these while you travel to your gym and back. The pockets in the hoodies and sweatshirts also help you to carry stuff.

    Pants for Workouts

    There are several options of workout pants for men. You must pick the one that makes you feel comfortable without interfering with your poses and movements. Some of the pants listed among workout clothes for men are designed as ‘tear away’ pants, which have zippers or snaps that let you remove them for a serious workout. These are normally used with shorts below them.

    Types of Materials Used

    You must choose the right kind of material for your workout clothes, depending on the weather conditions and your comfort level. Different materials have different features. Certain materials leave visible sweat patches in your underarms and other areas, which may not make you feel or look good. Some other materials may cling to your body, which again can be a bit of a distraction for some. So, finding what works for you is the best way to take your pick. Cotton, nylon, spandex and polyester are the common types of materials used to make workout clothes for men.

    In essence, while choosing workout clothes for men, choose solid colors and opt for the perfect fit and optimum comfort, without compromising on your movements or flexibility.

  • Types of Camping Water Filters

    Carrying less water is one of the most common goals of backpackers. However, they can’t risk dehydration at the cost of it. This is why it’s important to select the right camping water filter and for that, you need to know the different types available in the market. If you are still in a dilemma about investing in such filters, you should remember that drinking unsafe water can cause abrupt physical abnormalities, disturbing your entire plan of camping.

    To enjoy your outdoor activities to the optimum, you need to be fit and healthy. For this, it’s important to drink purified and safe water. The best camping water filters use micro-filtration in order to rid water of all the harmful protozoa and bacteria. These filters also use a chemical treatment to meet the usual protection standards. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of camping water filters available in the market these days.

    Gravity filters

    These filters are designed in such a way that they cleanse water by using the gravitational force. In these filters, the water is pushed through the system. These systems consist of several units including ceramic filter, primary reservoir for storing the dirty water, tubes of a particular length and conventional water bottles. Apart from these, there are also bladders and bottles to be fitted with the push-pull caps. It’s really simple to use these filters – put the unfiltered water in the dirty reservoir and plug in the system through the quick-connect valve. After that, you need to screw one of the bottles on the cap adapter, and finally open the pinch clip so that the purified water can flow. These camping water filters are extremely lightweight, and hence, advisable for those who are planning long distance trips. They come with fewer accessories and a soft-sided water reservoir. However, the system can function without these accessories as well.

    Pump filters

    These types of camping water filters are quite common and preferred by most campers. These systems clean water by pumping it via a filter. This filter has a very small pore through which protozoa or bacteria can’t move. These units are quite compact and lightweight. Although the filter becomes dirty after cleaning around five gallons of water, it’s quite simple to clean. All you need to do is unscrew the body from the pump, take out the ceramic filter and scrub it quickly with the help of a green pad that comes along with it. It’s also easy and quick to deploy this system.

    Sip squeeze bottle filters

    These camping water filters are basically designed in such a way that they can be attached onto the top of a bottle. You need to fill the bottle with dirty water and then suck out the clean water through the filter. There are some models that even allow you to squeeze out the water.

    Apart from these, UV light filter is another variant of camping water filters that campers often use. Now that you know about the types of filters, make sure to pick one on your next camping trip to drink safe water.